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Sam is prepared to serve in Congress.  In the Infantry he led foot patrols in the mountains of Afghanistan.  He has expertise in national security, business, and veteran affairs.  He has started 3 successful small businesses from the ground up and created jobs.  He has given back to veteran organizations and to those who are unable to care for themselves.  He truly cares about his community and now he is combining his experiences to care for his home district in Texas.  Sam is dedicated to a life of service and advancing liberty, safety, and prosperity for all Americans.


Sam Deen was born and raised in Canton, Texas. The proud son of a Vietnam Veteran and entrepreneur.  He earned the rank of Eagle Scout during his time at Canton High School.  During his senior year, the United States was attacked on September 11th, 2001.  Shortly thereafter, Sam worked hard to gain his appointment to The U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  Congressman Ralph M. Hall appointed Sam among many applicants that year.  At West Point, Sam studied leadership, was an athlete, and prepared his mind, body, and soul for upcoming battle in the War on Terror.  


Sam served 5 1/2 years on active duty as an Airborne Ranger qualified Infantry Officer.  He married his high school sweetheart, Ashley from Grand Saline, Texas.  He trained and led more than 40 Soldiers in Afghanistan and at home.  Sam's talents were best utilized when, as the top rated officer in the battalion, he was picked to lead the unit's elite reconnaissance platoon in the mountains of Kunar Province, Afghanistan.  

Sam and his men patrolled the mountains and villages for Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters hidden amongst the population.  Sam and his scouts also gathered and shared intelligence with the Afghan Force leaders and government to defeat the enemy.  Combat was a normal occurrence and hardships fell on his unit often.  Sam was promoted to Captain in the Korengal Valley before returning home after a year deployed. Sam owes his life to those with whom he served and feels a responsibility to care for them to this day.


Upon returning home from his military service, Sam started CrossFit Van Zandt.  Creating something out of thin air takes time and hard work, so Sam applied to the Garland Fire Department to make ends meet.  Sam became a firefighter in 2012 and was able to buy a house and start a family.  Over the next few years, Sam started a real estate investment company and a coffee roasting company, Van Zandt Coffee. He has served as a director of a local veteran organization and is currently serving as a director of the Canton Economic Development Board.  Sam has business locations in both Canton and Athens, Texas.


Sam lives in Canton with Ashley and son George (age 3).  He enjoys live music, sports, and attending the Canton Foursquare Church on Sundays.



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Sam Deen for Congress

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