"I come from a proud line of entrepreneurs and veterans who've raised families in the heart of Texas 5th Congressional District for generations. As a proud graduate of West Point and a leader from combat in Afghanistan, I believe it's time for me to serve again. Our country has been led too long by those who lack character and the fortitude to do the right thing on behalf of those they represent. Support me as I take our small town values and voice to Washington."



As a small business owner, I understand the importance of small business to the economy and local communities. Unfortunately, government policies are often focused on helping massive multinationals at the expense of local small businesses or those policies are often evaded by teams of lobbyists and lawyers to get around those policies. We must treat the economic engines of communities—our small businesses—better and more fairly. Strong economies are measured by private capital and investment, not by how many tax dollars are in the nations treasury.

The government must also promote private industry, while at the same time decreasing government spending on unnecessary and bloated government programs. All government jobs are overhead on the economy, in that they serve to create expenses without generating revenue.

The United States has the largest economy in the world, and for that the government cannot take credit. Every dollar the government spends must first be taken from the private sector through taxation, which in turn creates less capital for the private market to expand. The American people are the most innovative and productive people in the world, and are all too often limited by an overbearing government and left undiscovered by and education system that leaves too many behind.


Rights and Liberties are the foundation of our country and our Constitution. Rights are not gifts from the government, but are self-evident and inherent from our Creator. They cannot be denied but through due process alone. These Rights and Liberties are the flame that burns in the hearts of all Americans, setting us apart from the lawless lands of power-hungry central governments.


Our country, local economy, and local culture have been enriched by those who come to our country seeking the American Dream and a chance at a better life. But millions of illegal immigrants continually crossing our border without our knowledge threatens our national security. I oppose amnesty. Those who are not American Citizens do not have a right to our services. We must secure our borders and stop playing games. Legal immigration is a tremendous benefit to our country. But in order to protect our nation and reform the immigration process, we must know who is and is not entering our country. That cannot be done without securing our border.


Congressional budgets are a mess with useless spending, tight deadlines to avoid government shut downs, unfunded liabilities, and funded fraud.  Government spending is out of control at more than $4 trillion for 2016. In addition to the massive burden this places on current taxpayers, our nearly $20 trillion national debt ensures future Americans will be working to pay our expenses for generations to come. This can be achieved leaning down government programs.


There are 50 States with 50 State Education Departments. There is no reason states should be sending their tax dollars through the Washington political mechanism with the hope they will get enough back to cover their educational needs. While Department of Education spending has increased, test scores in the United States have overall decreased. Despite all the failings of Federal run education it continues to receive funding from Congress. This must stop. Failure doesn’t need to be rewarded.


Energy independence is not only an economic issue, but a national security issue. The United States depends upon very unstable regions and hostile cartels for oil. Such dependence makes us vulnerable to artificial price shocks. United States reliance on overseas oil has to stop! Cutting off our foreign energy reliance must come from within the US itself and our own energy industries and innovations. Free Market solutions are the key to strong industries and innovation to ensure abundant and cheap energy for all Americans.


Our country has produced the finest military forces in the world for generations. The men and women who have raised their right hand and sworn to protect and defend the Constitution and these United States deserve the support of the entire nation. Regardless of anyone's support for a particular military action, our country and our representatives in Washington DC need to do everything possible to make sure our veterans are cared for after their service. Not caring for our veterans will have a negative impact on future readiness and capability.


Today in the US there are so many regulations that literally the regulators can’t keep track of what they are regulating. This stifles business development with endless and useless government red tape that costs the owner precious capital which could otherwise be used in the development of their business. With an average of 15,000 different regulations a year published by bureaucrats in Washington, some businesses chose to shut down and others are stifled by these unnecessary burdens. Simply put, complexity costs money.


Free market solutions are the key to the healthcare puzzle. Government bureaucrats don’t know how best to treat you anymore than they know how to balance a budget. For almost 8 years Obamacare has torn its way through healthcare and shown American people what over regulation and bureaucratic complication does to any marketplace. Premiums are skyrocketing. Deductibles have exploded. And, it’s counterproductive to allow the same people who gave us Obamacare to try and save it. Obamacare must be dismantled and repealed. The only successful way to fix this government sponsored mess is with the free market.

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